Our mission is simple: to deliver research-based insights that help our clients make smarter decisions and achieve better results. Your goals are our goals. Your success is our success.

 We use both traditional methods and innovative approaches in opinion research to help candidates, elected officials, public policy and advocacy organizations, and corporations across the globe.

With over 2,000 research projects under our belt, we’re the new kids who’ve been around the block.


There’s more to research than just asking questions and providing answers. Instead, our research works a lot like your favorite GPS device: telling you where you are, helping you decide where you want to go, finding the best way to get there, and pinpointing the milestones and obstacles you’re likely to encounter along the way.

One-size-fits-all research solutions rarely fit anyone.


We come to work every day with a campaign mindset. For our clients, that means several things. One, we’re more than just your pollster – we’re an integrated part of your team. Two, we place a premium on understanding the ins and outs of your target audience and what it takes to grow that relationship. Three, we believe effective messaging is more than just persuasion – it also needs to capture your audiences’ attention and motivate them to act. And, four, we pride ourselves on crafting research that’s results-oriented.

In our world, every client has an Election Day.


The Meeting Street Research team has 25 years of combined public opinion research experience and 2,000 research projects under our belt.  We decided a while ago to quit counting the number of PowerPoint presentations we’ve put together.

Rob Autry is the founder of Meeting Street and one of the nation’s leading pollsters and research strategists.  Rob and his team have worked with many of the world’s leading companies and public policy organizations and been the pollster and strategist for over a dozen new Members of Congress, including eight who won in Democrat-held districts.

rob@meetingstreetresearch.com (703) 980-3171

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